Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool is a group school of Aoba-Japan International School, which has a history of over 46 years.


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The World is the Stage!
Unleash the Potential of the Children
to Create the Future.



Prepare Your Child with the Ability
to Thrive in a Global Society

Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool (A-JB) offers a unique program that teaches our children the skills most needed for the 21st century.
We have implemented the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, which is designed to help students develop international values,
a broad perspective, a rich humanity, curiosity, a challenging mind, and independence. The bilingual program,
offered in both English and Japanese, focuses on holistic education and Inquiry-Based Learning, based on the IB curriculum.


Our Unique Curriculum
Cultivates the Ability to Become a Global Citizen

A-JB’s unique curriculum aimed to nurture individuals with an international perspective, a challenging mind, curiosity and confidence, are based on three foundations: Core Skills, Creative Thinking, and Self-Expression. We offer a variety of programs based on the IB curriculum, and help each student fulfill their unique potentials.


Cultivating an International
Perspective Through
Inquiry-Based Learning
+ Bilingual Education

“Inquiry-Based Learning” encourages students to think and act on their own curiosity, opposite of the Memory-Based Learning that we are familiar with in Japan. Furthermore, IB education encourages the development of international perspectives by using multiple languages. This is based on IB’s belief that communicating and learning in more than one language cultivates understanding and respect for other cultures.


Unlock Your Child’s
Unlimited Potentials
with A-JB’s Programs

A-JB offers a variety of programs such as Rhythmic, gymnastics, dance, and swimming, conducted by professional instructors, during the regular school hours. In addition, students are able to try karate, ballet, programming, etc. as optional programs during the extended childcare.

Saturday Program
and Seasonal Programs Also
Open to Non A-JB Students

Aoba Action Learning Academy (ALA), our Saturday Program, where students learn English through fun and action, and Seasonal Programs held 1-2 weeks during spring, summer, and winter break, are also open to non A-JB students. Students can experience school life in a 100% English-speaking environment.


【For those considering enrollment】For 1~2 Year Olds
A Hands-on Program for Parent and Child

A parent and child participatory program for 1 to 2 year olds held regularly. Children who have not yet been separated from their parents can also participate with ease together with their mother or father. We offer a variety of fun inquiry-based activities to stimulate children's interests in a 100% English speaking environment.


“A Second Home”
Where Students can Learn
in an Ideal Environment
7 Campuses in Tokyo