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The Ability to Create a Prosperous Life
in a Global Society

Representative's Message

We are passionate about educating our students to become active global citizens who share the global environment, inherit to the future, and contribute to the global society, and who make their own decisions and lead their own lives. Today, with the spread of the Internet, IOT, and DX, we are entering an era in which we can connect with the world from anywhere. Such a society will increasingly demand communication skills, including English, empathy that embraces diversity, leadership skills to collaborate and cooperate with multinational peers, as well as STEAM elements such as programming and design thinking. We believe that it is important for children to acquire these skills in a natural way over a prolonged period of time, from the age of 1 to 18. For this reason, we have introduced the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, one of the world’s standards in education, to all of our campuses, and provide it in a bilingual environment (Japanese and English). On the other hand, as an educational institution that takes care of our valuable students, we operate our school with safety and security as our top priority in all aspects of childcare, intellectual education, dietary education, and physical education so that parents can leave their children in our care knowing that they are safe with us. 20 years from now, your child will be the star of the future that we are raising him or her to be. We will continue to develop and improve the quality of our education by always looking 20 years ahead and considering what will be needed in society 20 years from now.


Kyoto University (MEng), London School of Economics (MSc), Kellogg Graduate School of Management (MBA). After founding a consulting firm, he went on to establish an internet industry business called, Inc. in 1998. He served as Representative Director of, Inc., Orange Life K.K., K.K. Shun Koubou. Currently, he serves as the President and Representative Director at Aoba-BBT, Inc., a professor at the Business Breakthrough University Graduate School, and Representative Director of K.K. Aoba International Educational Systems (Board Chairman of Aoba-Japan International School, Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool, and Summerhill International School).

Bilingual Preschool
Board Chairman

柴田 巌

Iwao Shibata

Director’s Message

Bilingual Preschool

板倉 平一

Heiichi Itakura

At Aoba-Japan, we constantly consider the essentials of education, in order for children to succeed in a bright and fulfilling life, even though the future ahead of us may be invisible. Based on a safe and assured learning environment, we continue to provide bilingual education, inquiry-based learning, and various programs that promote emotional and physical growth in which children are stimulated, enchanted and fully engaged.


After joining the foreign-affiliated service industry and foreign language school, Mr. Itakura joined Business Breakthrough, Inc. (current Aoba-BBT, Inc.) in 2006. He worked as a lecturer in business training courses, and participated in Aoba-Japan International schools in 2013. Currently, he is an Executive of Aoba-BBT, Inc. and Executive Director of K.K. Aoba International Educational Systems (Director of Aoba-Japan International School, Director of Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool, Summerhill International School), and Director of Musashi International School Tokyo.

AOBA Group

  • SUMMERTHILL Internatinal School

AOBA Group, which has the largest number of International Baccalaureate (IB) accredited schools in Japan, provides students with an integrated IB education up to the age of entering university.

Affiliated Organization

  • CIS
  • TaiPのロゴ

Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool to Aoba-Japan International School, a CIS accredited school, has a partial priority system for admission.