学校説明会 出願フォーム
R.O & K.O
A-JIS G1在校生(K3入学)
A-JB K3在校生(K2入学)

1. Please share the reason why you have chosen A-JB for your child.

In fact, when Ryutaro chose a kindergarten, we did hesitate. Private kindergartens are too strict, and nursery schools are too loose, which are not what we want. A-JB provides us with a perfect solution. It has both the educational level of a private preschool and the softness of a nursery school.

Secondly, A-JB is a bilingual preschool. Exposure to English in early childhood is very helpful for children's language learning.

Thirdly, there are a variety of After school programs to choose from in A-JB's EC time, which not only allows children to experience different courses, but also reduces the burden of parents.


2. Please share the memorable moment(s) in A-JB's school life.

What impresses me the most may be the educational content of PYP. The educational content of PYP helps children open a window to the world, allowing them to learn about different countries, different culture, and different lives. Ryutaro and Kanako also often took home some of their crafts, which showing their understanding of the learning at school.

I think PYP's study will help to the formation of their future world outlook.


3. How is your child(ren) spending his/her school life at A-JIS?

Ryutaro has been studying at A-JIS for 7 months, and he has fully adapted to the life of an elementary school student.

In terms of learning, his spoken and written English has also made great leaps. At the same time, A-JIS attaches great importance to the study of Japanese. In PE classes has a variety of sports, now Ryutaro has experienced gymnastics, football, baseball, swimming, and rope skipping and etc.

The campus life of A-JIS is very exciting, and some activities are often held, and Ryutaro also enjoy to participate in it.


4. Lastly, please share your message/advice to people who is considering to enroll their child to A-JB or A-JIS.

In fact, the reason why we choose A-JIS to study is very simple, it is because Ryutaro said that he likes A-JB, and he is very happy every day in A-JB.

If learning is difficult, it is better to help children choose a way to learn in happiness.