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Greetings from A-JB Harumi Campus!

It is our pleasure to share our happy, inspiring, and educational learning experience with you.

A-JB is a preschool where provides not only bilingual language program for the children. We thrive to provide child-centered learning experiences with 3 learning cores: creative thinking, self-expression, and core skills.

To make it happen, we implement IB curriculum (International Baccalaureate) / PYP (Primary Years Programme), which is worldwide standardized curriculum to encourage children to develop both personal development and academic achievement.

A-JB is one of IB authorized schools in Japan. We provide learning environments with a little bit magic where students can shine to spread sparkles wherever they go as they inquire.


“Learning through Play” – young learners use their innate curiosity to experiment explore, and problem solve, creating natural connections to academic areas. When teachers have a comprehensive understanding of the intimate relationship between play and content learning, they can intentionally adjust their practices to support children’s play as well as their academic growth. At A-JB Harumi campus, students gain academic skills through play not by filling out worksheets.


We teach not only bilingual language but cultures as well. Students explore and inquire Japanese traditions as well as other countries to enrich their international experiences through a variety of school events such as Tanabata, Summer Festival, Sports Day, Pajama Day, 100th day of school and more.


It is essential to have a great connection with families to support children’s development.

We communicate with A-JB families in a daily basis, but not only that. We have IB/PYP projects that involve families throughout the year. Students can even extend their inquiry skills with families at home.


I believe that it is essential to add some magics and dreams into the early childhood educations. Children’s dreams have no ceiling, and they know how to dream big.

Life-sized dreams, and even greater imagination, are extraordinary traits I love to see in our students. Children are natural dreamers like we all used to. They see countless possibilities and optimism ahead of them.

As an educator, it is important to know how we can help the students make their dreams come true, help them understand that they do not need the magic of a fairy and have the superpower within them. Children look to us for motivation, inspiration, and leadership and we have to help them recognize that anything is possible. The path to their goal can be seen as one of opportunity or one of doubtfulness. Children struggle and failures sometimes, but it serves as master educator to help them grow into stronger, inspirational, and heartful human beings. No one can make our dreams come true except us. All dreams are possible. With parents/guardians and educators by their side, the possibilities are endless.

Please stop by A-JB Harumi campus and explore the world with us!

Not only education or life skills. We share happy energies and the secret recipe of it with you, too!

Harumi Campus Principal 
Tomomi Seavey

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Written by

Tomomi Seavey