Nakano Campus ALA starting Early Summer 2020! 

For details of the program and English level,

check the ALA Official Website

For any questions, contact us through “ALA Apply”





Ready, Set, Action! Let’s enjoy ALA


Aoba Action Learning Academy (ALA), operated by Aoba-Japan International School at various campuses on weekends, is a brand new English program for both beginners and advanced learners. It aims to provide English education through actions for children from 2 years of age to elementary school age.


【Unique Selling Points of of ALA】

・Active learning basis learning

・Various contents including crafts

・Implementing “Scholastic” textbooks

・Soaked in English from 1.5 to 3 hours

・Well-balanced curriculum covering the core four skills (Listening, speaking, reading, writing)

・Free access to the English library


【FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions】

Q Are classes conducted by English levels?

ALA programs are categorized by age / English level and content. For further details, please check the ALA official website


Q How is the ALA program unique?

Unlike the traditional learning style, ALA’s classes are conducted in an interactive way with regular dialogue. This allows students to enhance their English skills and cultivate international mindedness in a very effective and fun way.


Q How can we follow up at home on weekdays?

We have a free online English learning program that can be accessed from home. And the use of our free English library can also be an effective way to learn outside of classes. In addition, ALA runs seasonal English schools during summer, winter and spring breaks which provide students opportunities to learn English in an authentic and immersive environment without going overseas.


Q Can we attend regular classes to better understand the ALA program?

Trial classes for the Nakano campus will be available. For further updates, please check our official ALA website. For any questions, contact us through the “ALA Apply”. Please kindly be reminded that we do not receive any requests regarding trial classes through the telephone.