After School

ASP (After School Program)

Nakano Campus is currently postponing the opening of its ASP (After School program) due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Register to the “Nakano ASP News” to receive further updates. 

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What’s ASP (After School Program) Our After School Programs (ASP) provide opportunities for children to expand their talents and explore their interests by participating in these extracurricular activities held on campus. We offer various exciting ASP classes in Japanese or English by professional teachers. Due to the COVID-19 the opening of the Nakano Campus ASP will be communicated through the website. 


 ■Program launch: TBD

 ■Registrations start: TBD 

 ■Eligible age:First Year of Kindergarten (Nensho) – Elementary Grade 3

 ■Operating Days: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

 ■Operating Hours: 

 ① 2:25p.m.-3:10p.m.(For Internal students only)

 ② 3:15p.m.-4:00p.m.(Mainly for Internal students)

 ③ 4:05p.m.-4:50p.m.(For both Internal and External students)


Program Summary

・Cheer Dance  teacher: Kayano Diallo(Ms.)

・Street Dance  teacher: Yuki KATO (Mr.)

・Ballet   teacher: Ikuko KOIZUMI (Ms.)

・P.E.    teacher: Harumi NAKAHASHI (Ms.)

・Karate  teacher: Takehiro KAGA (Mr.)


*The class will be conducted in English or Japanese.

Monthly Class Fees
*A different fee schedule applies for internal regular students.

*Monthly fee may change and be different due to the program.

*Each program will have 30-35 classes throughout the year.

*External students are obligated to take more than 2 blocks per week

*Registration fee will be charged separately: ¥16,500. (tax included)

*Changes or cancellations are not accepted during the mid of the month.

*Teaching material fee may be additionally charged depending on the program.
  Monthly fee (tax incl.) Price per block
2 blocks ¥19,800 (¥9,900/block)
3 blocks ¥26,400 (¥8,800/block)
4 blocks ¥33,000 (¥8,250/block)
5 blocks ¥39,600 (¥7,920/block)
6 blocks ¥46,200 (¥7,700/block)
7 blocks ¥51,700 (¥7,386/block)
8 blocks ¥57,200 (¥7,150/block)
9 blocks ¥62,700 (¥6,967/block)
10 blocks ¥68,200 (¥6,820/block)