Facility Outline


Building Gross Floor Space 518㎡
Facilities 5 Nursery Rooms, 2 Toilets, Faculty Room, Administrative Office, Kitchen, Shower Room
Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning, Disaster Prevention Equipment
Safety Liability Insurance
Others Outdoor Play Facilities: Deck, Sandbox, Playground Equipment

Security and Safety

At Aoba, we have installed several ALSOK security cameras in the building for safety reasons. The security system in Triton facilities runs for 24 hours a day and security guards patrol around our building regularly.
Our building is located on the 2nd floor of Harumi Triton Square.

  • There are no bicycles or cars running right outside of our entrance or the deck.
  • Harumi Triton Square is very stable and earthquake-resistant building.

Alert announcement

  • 6am: We may have school close in case of any alert announcement.
  • Even if the alert has been called off, we may have open school at 9am according to traffic conditions as such.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Drills: We practice emergency drills once a month.
Disaster Prevention Equipment: Disaster prevention facilities, fire detectors, smoke detectors, guide lights/emergency exits, fire extinguishers, AED

  • In case of an earthquake or fire, we lead the children to a safe place.
  • After moving to a safe place, we contact caregivers promptly.
  • We keep the children at Aoba until a registered caregiver comes for pick up. Please note that we might send children to the police station or public authorities after midnight.

Evacuation site: Harumi Island Triton Square, Water Terrace, deck outside of school

  • In case of fire- Water Terrace
  • In case of earthquake- deck outside of school and the passage between the Lexus dealer and Aoba
  • In case of Tsunami- inside the school or the 3rd floor of Triton Square building