About Aoba

About Aoba

Why Aoba

At Aoba Japan Bilingual Preschool, we provide the original program focusing on “How do we prepare children to become 21st century learners”.



Bilingual Education

At AJB, we aim to create the learning environment that children learn English naturally in the same way that they learn Japanese. Being in the environment where children immerse themselves in both Japanese and English from their early years, children build the foundation of becoming a member of global citizens and communicate from people around the world.



Inquire-based Approach

At AJB, we offer some special events; English performance Day, Music recital Day, Sports Day, summer festival prepared by mixed age groups, on top of the original daily program. Those events are planned around children’s interest and concerns. Throughout these experiences, children learn how to share thoughts and feelings effectively, solve problems, build a relationship with their friends, and become cooperative.
Children may encounter conflicts or make mistakes, however, they learn through those experiences and children acquire the important life skills, such as Fcommunication skills, caring mind, self-reflection skills, self-regulation skills, team work, and how to take a leadership in a group.


Support for Working Families

We provide an early drop-off and late pick-up for the working families.

We provide School Bus to the following route; Harumi, Kachidoki, Toyosu, Shinonome, Ariake, Tsukuda, Shinkawa, Tsukishima,

School policies are as followed;
– The safety of your children is the first priority, and we support your children’s growth in a warm and exciting learning environment.
– We encourage to foster children’s mental/ physical health, greetings, manners, and caring mind through our daily routine.
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Specialized Programs

We understand that it is hard for the working families to put their child in the specialized programs outside of school. Even if you were able to, you might need to spare some of the valuable family time for the commutation.
In order to support those working families, we provide various types of specialized programs, such as gymnastics, karate, swimming, piano, and elementary school prep class, taught by specialized teachers coming from outside of school. One of the biggest advantages of having those specialized programs at school is that children have the easy access to each program and able to experience special activities in order to stimulate their full potential.


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mr_shibata mr_shibata

Greetings from our Administrative Director, Iwao Shibata

We put the safety and well-being of your child first in every single aspect of our childcare from nutrition to physical and intellectual education.

We provide a world-class curriculum to meet the needs of a quickly globalizing society. We prepare children to be competent in both Japanese and English in order to realize an abundant life and confidently contribute to the betterment of society.

Career History

Kyoto University (MEng), London School of Economics (MSc), Kellogg Graduate School of Management (MBA).

After founding a consulting firm, he went on to establish an internet industry business called EveryD.com in 1998 and served as Representative Director of Orange Life, Shuncoubou and other companies.

Currently, he serves as a board member at Business Breakthrough and as a professor at Business Breakthrough University Graduate School. He is the Administrative Director of Aoba Japan International School and AJB Bilingual Preschool.

mr.sell mr.sell

Head of School, Ken Sell


Career History

Born in Australia, Mr. Sell received his Master of Education degree from The University of Queensland. He served as the Head of School at International Baccalaureate international schools in Norway and Shenzhen, China before becoming Head of School of Aoba Japan International School in August 2014.

Heiichi Itakura , AJB Principal

Born in Nagano Prefecture. Mr. Itakura graduated from Kansai University.

Having developed his career at the foreign service industry and the foreign- affiliated

language school, he joined Business Breakthrough Inc. in June, 2006, where he was

in charge of the Divisions of Education for Working Professionals and Marketing

From 2012 he has been seconded to Aoba International Educational Systems

(Aoba-Japan International School).

Executive Officer (April, 2015), Board Member (June, 2017).


We are dedicated to developing global-minded, compassionate, collaborative students inspired to learn, take risks, and lead change in the world.


AJB Bilingual Preschool will continue to be a leading school by providing students with a rigorous international education in a safe and supportive environment conducive to learning in which learners’ needs are supported, their perspectives sought and respected, and their unique qualities valued and nurtured. Through a continued emphasis on educational excellence and innovation, each individual student will be provided relevant resources and opportunities that will enable them to secure the best of what the future holds for them.


“Be the best you can be.”

Outline of AJB


Name Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool
Address Nishichiku 2F Harumi Triton Square
Harumi 1 – 8 – 2 Chuo-Ku Tokyo


AJB Harumi


2014: 150 Students
1 year old: 12 students; 2 years old: 30 students; 3 years old: 36 students, 4 years old: 36 students; 5 years old: 36 students
Employees Full-time employees:
15 preschool teachers, 4 assistant teachers, 1 nurse, 4 teachers (3 English teachers, 1 Chinese teacher), 2 office workers, 1 bus driver, 1 janitorSpecial Instructors/Optional Program Instructors:
1 dance teacher, 1 physical education teacher, 1 karate teacher, 1 abacus teacher, 1 ballet teacher, 2 techer of admission exam for private elementary school, 2 swimming techer, 3 piano teacher

AJB Saturday English School
2 office workers
Morning class: 6 English teachers, 6 assistant teachers
Afternoon class: 4 English teachers, 3 assistant teachers

Sister School Aoba Japan International School
School Days Monday – Friday: Bilingual Preschool and Special Programs
Saturday:AJB Saturday English School (100% English program)
School Hours 7:30AM – 7:30PM (Standard preschool hours: 9AM – 5PM)
Days Off Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, golden week (1 week), Obon (1 week in August), New Year’s holiday (December 28 – January 6), 2 days at the end of March
Day Care Services Monthly daycare, extended time daycare, school lunch, bus pick-up
Schools AJB Graduates Attend Public elementary schools, national elementary schools, private elementary schools. Results from 2014: Tokyo Jogakkan (3), Tokyo Women’s University Fuzoku Houmei Elementary School, Senzoku Elementary School (2), Toin Gakuen, Ono Gakuen, Meiwa Joshi Daigaku Fuzoku Elementary School, Gyosei Elementary School, Gyosei International Elementary School (2)
Operation Gendai Youji Kisokyoiku Kaihatsu Inc.



April Entrance Ceremony
May Spring Field Trip (Parent-child class trip)
July Tanabata Kai,Pool Outing, Body Painting
August Summer Festival
October Sports Day, Halloween
November Fall Field Trip, Social Studies Field Trip (5-6 year olds)
December Christmas Party
January New Years’ Party
February Setsubun, Recital
March Graduation